SPANA is an animal welfare charity for the working animals of the world. Animals are essential to millions of families in the developing world, yet often these hard-working animals lack access to basic care. SPANA improves the lives of working animals in three ways: free veterinary care, education & training and emergency response.

SPANA’s veterinary clinic in Marrakech is the charity’s biggest and busiest. Around 1,500 donkeys, mules and horses are brought to the clinic each month for treatment.

in Marrakech, SPANA runs a free health check up scheme for the city’s 300 Caleche horses. They have also built nine water troughs on main routes so the horses have easy access to water as they pull tourist carriages around the city. This simple idea has made a huge difference to the welfare of these beautiful and iconic horses.

SPANA runs an extensive education programme in Morocco. Where there is a classroom there is often a garden with a pond. In the classroom vets teach the children about animal welfare and the environment. SPANA taught more than 20,000 children this way in 2010.

Jarjeer has close and supportive links with SPANA here in Marrakech. One of the orphan foal’s saved by the vets at SPANA lives with us and the other animals. You can read about Tommy’s story in the drop down menu.

We hope that you will visit SPANA if you are in Marrakech and support them when and where you can.