Veterinary services are very important to us here at Jarjeer. All our animals, no matter how large or small, are inoculated against rabies so that visitors will have no concerns about handling or having contact with them.

Whilst we feel connected with SPANA here in Marrakech, the veterinary services at the refuge must be preserved for those who need them most. The owners of working animals in the City and afar bring their mules and donkeys to SPANA for essential treatment where the vets work tirelessly each day.

By comparison our mules, as part of our community, have to earn their keep and pay for their veterinary bills! We use the Clinique Vétérinaire Yasmine. There are two partners at the Clinic; Dr Lamrini who works full time at the SPANA refuge and Dr Lamrani who runs the practice in the City. Dr Lamrani has the care of all our animals. He is a gifted surgeon and has performed many operations including ‘fixing’ several broken limbs! He often tells us that he does not have some of the sophisticated equipment that can be found in the UK and Europe but we have no doubt that his veterinary skills are of the highest and exceed those that we had experience of in the UK.

Please visit his Clinic by clicking on the link below.